The Fabled Mr. Doyle

Arthur Conan Doyle is a great source, especially as he drifted further into his metaphysical phase. Here’s a favorite:

As part of his belief in the spiritual world, Doyle thought communication with the dead was possible. A friend once asked him to visit a fellow author who was seriously ill. “I’ll call in tomorrow,” promised Doyle.
“Tomorrow could be too late-he may not last the night,” said his friend.
“In that case,” replied Doyle, “I’ll speak to him next week.”

[He was serious!]


Here’s another from author Arthur:

Joking with Arthur Conan Doyle during a rehearsal for one of his plays, a young three-pound-a-week actor called Charlie suggested that he and Sir Arthur should pool their incomes and take half each for the rest of their lives. Though amused by the proposal, Doyle declined for obvious reasons. “I don’t think so, Mr. Chaplin,” he replied.


And a little fable for company:

There once was a king who was going to put to
death many people, but before doing so he offered
a challenge.  If any of them could come up with
something which would make him happy when he was
sad, and sad when he was happy, he would spare
their lives.
All night the wise men meditated on the matter.
In the morning they brought the king a ring. The
king said that he did not see how the ring would
serve to make him happy when he was sad and sad
when he was happy.
The wise men pointed to the inscription.  When the
king read it, he was so delighted that he spared
them all.
And the inscription?  “This too shall pass.”

–G A Stewart

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