The Fir-Tree

Ein Fichtenbaum

A single fir-tree, lonely,
On a northern mountain height,
Sleeps in a white blanket,
Draped in snow and ice.

His dreams are of a palm-tree,
Who, far in eastern lands,
Weeps, all alone and silent,
Among the burning sands.

––Heinrich Heine

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  1. That’s beautiful! Was it originally written in English, or is it a translation?

  2. It’s a translation from the original German, April. Heine has always been a favorite of mine, so you’ll be seeing more strewn about the place.

    I value your opinion, so let me ask: How do you like the new theme (color, layout, etc.) compared to the old? How about the content? Do you think I’m going too far afield from where I began?

    As my Grandma used to say, ya’ll come!

  3. About the poem: That’s impressive. Translating poetry so that both the sense and the elegant use of language both come through is an art form in itself.

    About the blog: actually, I was going to comment that I really like the new layout! But I’d thought I’d check the comments first, and presto… 🙂 And I like the inclusion of poems, short biographies, and so forth. I’m learning a great deal about the literary world, and it’s fascinating. The anecdotes liven it up.

    • You’re exactly the kind of member I hope to attract, April. Literature, in all it’s aspects is so enriching–an appreciation of it practically makes one poverty proof. I have great plans on the poetry front that should begin to take shape as early as tomorrow. I will have both the text and audio of some of the great works, actually read by the poets themselves! Stay tuned; it’s gonna get better and better. 🙂

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