Jason To Medea, Who Has Slain Their Children

FROM Medea by Euripides

Accursed woman! by gods, by me and all mankind abhorred as never woman was, who had the heart to stab your children, you their mother, leaving me undone and childless; this you did and still you gaze upon the sun and earth after this deed most impious. Curses on you! I now perceive what then I missed in the day I brought you, fraught with doom, from your home in a barbarian land to dwell in Hellas, traitress to your father and to the land that nurtured you. On me the gods have hurled the curse that dogged your steps, for you slew your brother at his hearth before you came abroad our fair ship, Argo. Such was the outset of your life of crime; then you married me, and having borne me sons to glut your passion’s lust, you now have slain them. Not one amongst the wives of Hellas ever had dared this deed; yet before them all I chose you for my wife, wedding a foe to be my doom, no woman, but a lioness fiercer than Tyrrhene Scylla in nature. But with reproaches heaped a thousandfold I cannot wound you, so brazen is your nature. Perish, vile sorceress, murderess of your children! While I must mourn my luckless fate, for I shall never enjoy my new-found bride, nor shall I have the children, whom I bred and reared, alive to say the last farewell to me; nay, I have lost them.

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